5 reasons to host your website with VectorSites

#1: Affordable and Secure Hosting

Many web hosting providers put the cost of hosting out of reach for small business owners. And with so-called "free" hosting providers, your visitors end up with annoying, unsolicited advertisements and pop-up windows. If you host with us, we offer very interesting rates. Our servers are also protected with the latest in intrusion detection and prevention software.

#2: No set up fees

We don't charge you to start using us, you sign up and pay monthly, quarterly or annually and that is it. We also wont nickel and dime you on everything like some hosting companies.

#3: Maximum Reliability

The servers of our own hosting provider are strategically located at the Intersection of the major Internet backbones in Cheyenne,WY. The network has multiple fiber optic gigabit connections, and is directly peered with major networks. You are offered maximum reliability with battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate controlled environment, with 24 hour 365 day monitoring of network connections.

#4: E-commerce Ready

If you need a site with e-commerce features, we offer solutions based on your needs, whether a small or large e-commerce site, we can get it up and running quickly to your specifications and budget in no time. Our Premium hosting package is the perfect choice for this need.

#5: MySQL & PostgreSQL Access

If you need a database for whatever reason, we offer both MySQL and PostgreSQL servers giving you the worlds most advanced and powerful open source solutions in the industry. Along with the PHP scripting language, you can have a dynamic web site for all your needs.


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