Running a Joomla! website can be rewarding or a nightmare. In it's self, Joomla is very secure but once you start installing those 3rd party plugins, that is where you can cause yourself a real headache. If you installed an insecure plugin, hackers can infect your website as fast as you can count to three. XSS or Cross Site Scripting is a method hackers can use to inject malicious code into your website which in turn can get your website blacklisted wit Google or even on a DNSBL (DNS Black List), the latter meaning your email server may get blocked from other servers who use the DNSBL as a means of stopping spam. This can create a nightmare for you and your hosting company. So what does it mean to have a hacked website? It could mean that you can’t access your pages anymore, or maybe you have unwittingly become a pharmaceuticals rep, or an agent for Russian porn! Whatever the case, it is bad news for you and the business that you’ve worked so hard to establish.

How to secure your Joomla! website.


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